Together on a mission for humanity

A road show to celebrate the 150th anniversary of the Swiss Red Cross (SRC)

The Swiss Red Cross helps and supports particularly injured and disabled people since 1866. One of the seven principles of the SRC is the voluntary work, meaning that the volunteers of SRC work hard in order to help those who depend on their help.

For this anniversary, the aid organization has developed a special event: On April 2nd, an all year round road show started its path with its SRC anniversary truck with its motto „150 years SRC for more humanity“. It will stop in various regions of Switzerland visiting movie and music festivals, sport events and other much frequented public locations while informing the public about its work in the health and rescue system and the history of the red cross.

For this occassion the SRC chose a PROMOSTAR-truck created by MOST, which is especially spacious and offers enough space in the interior for activities of live-communication concerning B2C. In this mobile exhibition, visitors of all ages can both discover and carry out activities of the SRC themselves. Two terminals with installed headphones will inform the visitors in either english, french or italian language about interesting facts concerning the SRC and its history of origins. There is also an entertaining time machine on board.

The inaugural event took place on the Bundesplatz in Bern and it attracted many visitors: over 3000 volunteers, employees and guests formed a huge red cross together. This event for starting the tour was a place of direct encounter where the SRC showed the public how it works in the name of humanity in Switzerland as well as in foreign countries.

In the course of the year 2016, the anniversary truck will drive throughout Switzerland and it will visit more than 20 different locations. With its long-term road show, the SRC presents its 150th anniversary as an event of long duration and therefore it will strongly be remembered by the public. This „journey for humanity“ successfully addresses the emotions of the people and it arouses a consciousness that we should all participate in order to support those who are not living on the bright side of life.