From Skandinavia to the south of Europe

GROHE super trucks on a B2B-tour

This year too, GROHE Professional is on the road for its 'Work Smarter Tour' to support specialist partners from the sanitary fittings sector. The products and services by GROHE Professional are presented and demonstrated to retailers and installers – as close as possible with all-around service.

Having conducted last year’s tour with a PROMOSTAR truck, for 2016, GROHE has significantly expanded the presentation area by opting for two GIANT super trucks by MOST Mobile Specials. While one of these imposing show-trucks is travelling to partners in Sweden and Norway, its counterpart is on the road in Southeastern Europe.

The GROHE trucks, which serve as XL-sized showrooms on wheels, give interested specialist partners an opportunity to experience GROHE’s product palette first-hand and to get information with regard to installation procedures directly and personally. By means of the newly acquired know-how, true to the motto “From professionals – for professionals!”, interested retailers and installers become so-called brand ambassadors and introduce GROHE products to the end customer.

Gunnar Meister, Senior Vice President at GROHE Professional, suggests: “We are planning over 1 000 campaign stops in more than 30 countries across Europe, and we estimate that we will be welcoming about 50.000 installers at our info trucks”.

But that’s not all: By enabling exchangeable product presentations, GROHE trucks are also built for carrying out end consumer campaigns, especially at major DIY markets or events.

Whether along Scandinavian fjords or across the Bosphorus Bridge – the use of promotion and presentation trucks is a popular tool for GROHE to offer mobile training or product demonstrations beyond border limits. After all, these blue super-trucks by MOST are real eye-catchers sure to attract significant attention on the streets of Europe.

The Mercedes Actros trucks offer plenty of comfort for the truck-managers, who spend several months on tour with the GIANTs. They offer a lot of space for relaxing during driving breaks: in just a few steps, the large driver’s cab can be turned into a living room on wheels complete with a fold-out table, a seating corner and a comfortable daybed.

This year’s 'Work Smarter Tour' is sure to be a big success again and MOST is delighted to play a part by providing two top-class vehicles.