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Spacious room with convenient entrance. Very abundant wall area.

Operational at approx.
5 Min.

Effective area approx.
12 m2

Suitable for
10 People

FUTURIA Boxx description

The NE type is ideal for B2B marketing. The entry door with an integrated window prevents prying eyes while also offering a maximum of wall space for the fixed installation of product presentations. Owing to the minimal set up time, presentations can be held several times each day. With a maximum permissible weight of 3.5 tons, the Boxx NE can be operated with a Class B driver license. Otherwise it can easily carry an ample payload of 1.520 kg.

Based on inteded use e.g.:
  • Promotion & Action
  • Consulting/Survey
  • Training/Speech
  • Exhibition booth
  • Hospitality/Lounge
  • Guerilla marketing campaign
  • Public sites
Equipment features
  • Option: onboard generator ~kW: 2.6
  • Meeting or team room
  • Air-conditioning
  • Heating
  • Kitchen or refrigerator
  • 40-60“ monitor/s, audio system
FUTURIA Boxx Dimensions

Cost security right from the start

An own show truck – outstanding advertising

Full-service leasing
Roadshow without high capital lock-up and personnel commitment

The FUTURIA Boxx Family
A suitable vehicle type for any purpose

When it comes to the FUTURIA Boxx, MOST has available an appealing selection of models, each conceived to fit the differing requirement of various types of mobile campaigns. Discover the many possibilities – and the matching vehicle for your promotional activity. All the Boxx versions are conceived in such a way that they can be put into operation by just one person without much effort.

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