Munich today, Milan tomorrow. Is that possible?
Arriving at the roadshow destination punctually, safely and in immaculate condition.

Upon request, our experienced project managers and dispatchers will develop the tour schedule as well as brief the truck manager regarding any special requirements for the roadshow. But that’s not all. If you wish, our roadshow experts team will also network your roadshow activities Europe-wide and take care of any of the details for which you’re too busy.

Project Management
A road show consists of many small details

Are there beverages onboard? Who meets who, and when? Is the crew’s teamwear clean? Who’s booking the ferries and taking care of customs formalities? With MOST, you have a trans-European point of contact for the wide variety of roadshow tasks. Right from the beginning, your project manager will take care of deployment control, goods and equipment handling all the way to quality control, reporting and invoicing.

Location check
Which vehicle is best suited for a given location?

Different vehicle sizes call for differing space requirements. We make your planning easier by means of checklists, truck maneuvering diagrams and also direct on-site checks where necessary. Your agency is responsible for booking public places, or we can provide you with a selection of event agencies that have roadshow experience.

Globally Networked
How to turn your roadshow initiative into a global success.

One-time costs for interior fittings and branding incur for all roadshows. That’s why it makes good economic sense to make provisions for the subsequent use of the vehicle. We will attend to involving colleagues outside of your area of responsibility with a view to using the truck directly after the tour has ended. If necessary, we will link you up with an on-site event-experienced supervisor. For long distances, or when extensive equipment is involved, we can set you up with additional personnel for execution.