Impressive spatial volume coupled with innovative design

We are pleased that you are interested in a FUTURIA Boxx by MOST, a decision that goes hand in hand with many advantages. Our objective is to always give you the greatest possible flexibility as well as measurable savings – in terms of both time and costs – when you conduct a roadshow.

Supremely aerodynamic with spacious interior

Presenting products, services and information quickly and easily on-site – this is the exact purpose for with the FUTURIA Boxx was developed. At a total length of 7.5 meters, this aerodynamic, lightweight vehicle is particularly suitable for small spaces and multiple campaign stops a day. Indeed, the Futuria Boxx can even be set up out in the open countryside. Its generously dimensioned interior is ideal for castings/recruiting, training, direct sales, meetings, promotional activities, product presentations or used as a studio, practice or information mobile.

Size comparison
Top marks for maximum spatial volume

The FUTURIA Boxx is the lightweight and agile companion to the well-known FUTURIA trucks. Boasting approx. 2.2- meters of headroom, the fully insulated, integral box body offers the largest volume in its class.

By the way: The FUTURIA Boxx can be operated with a Class B driver’s license throughout Europe, even on weekends.

Special features
Low and inviting interior floor height

The stylish FUTURIA Boxx is extremely easy to handle and features a layout that is both sophisticated and variable. Two people will be comfortable on pivotable individual seats in the 2-doored cockpit. Depending on the design type the marketing event area in the box body is up to 6-meters long. The 3-meter-high Boxx can be set up within minutes without much physical effort.

What is particularly innovative are the air-sprung axles by which the interior floor height can be lowered to an inviting 50 cm.

Gained in practice, for use in practice

Those with a lot to offer needn’t worry about acceptance and popularity. Perfect appearance – and everything that goes hand in hand with this – is what makes a roadshow easy and successful. The FUTURIA Boxx is properly equipped for any type of promotional campaign and lets you conduct highly professional roadshows.  Our rental vehicles come with this equipment as standard – and at no extra cost!

Convenient access to main section

Entrance and electrically-powered stair or large portal, with or without glazing.

Powering the interior

230V power supply through high-quality connections to power grid; three interior circuits with diverse outlets.

Brightly lit interior

Latest generation, energy-saving LED light technology (operation with solar technology possible on request).

Modern multimedia system and air-conditioning

37 - 40“ LED/LCD monitor and digital entertainment systems; as well as air condition and powerful heater, comes as standard with the GE vehicle type.

Rear view camera and park distance control

An inconspicuous button camera, together with park sensors at the front and rear, offers a high level of protection against collision damage.

Air suspension

Air-cushioned axles compensate for the varying weight loads of the installations and go easy on sensitive exhibits while enroute.

Additional equipment options

  • large cabinet in rear, with or without refrigerator
  • alarm system that calls your mobile phone
  • window in side wall (can be used as integrated showcase)
  • high-performance heater with time-switch
  • glazed studio partition wall at rear section
  • outdoor speaker and periphery lighting
  • seating areas with chairs or bar stools
  • retractable 5 x 2 meter awning
  • onboard kitchen with coffee maker
  • Rear rack system for external mounting of products
  • onboard generator for constant load of 2.6 kW
  • solar energy-supported promotional activities (light/TV)

Eye-catching vehicle with sophisticated functions along with a tried and tested vehicle design
im Mix mit langjährig bewährter Fahrzeugbauweise

The FUTURIA Boxx as an unmistakable overall look that stands out markedly from the masses of standard box body vehicles. Attention-grabbing on-the-road, it will also draw attention from your customers.

High-quality alloy wheels and modern bus mirrors are standard features as is latest LED technology for an optimally lit main section.

Innovatives Design spart Kraftstoff

Innovative design for greater fuel efficiency

The wind-tunnel-tested cockpit and the ultra-light, insulated integral box body – with an interior floor height of less than 50 cm – make the FUTURIA Boxx into the pioneer of its class. The aerodynamic body design, made of exceptionally sturdy composite fiber materials, saves on fuel costs.  And with an average of 500 kg of payload for outfitting and equipping the vehicle, this infomobile is extraordinarily versatile in its possible uses. The Boxx also comes in a version with a vehicle load capacity of approx. 1.350 kg.

Für alle Temperaturbedingungen geeignet

Suitable for all temperature conditions

In contrast to conventional box body vehicles, the thermally-insulated box body of the FUTURIA Boxx connects seamlessly and without any offset to the fully integral (and also insulated) driver’s cab, which features top-notch aerodynamics. For this reason, the FUTURIA Boxx is highly suitable as an info-mobile both for wintertime missions and for deployments to warm regions.  Upon request, the FUTURIA Boxx cockpit can be outfitted with large sleeping berth. In its vehicle class, the FUTURIA Boxx is second to none in terms of its interior width and height.

Design your own FUTURIA Boxx
From eye-catching branding to interior rendering

MOST can provide you with drawings and 3-D visualizations to help you plan your vehicle’s interior and exterior design. On request, MOST can do this work for you by providing branding designs or designs for your vehicle’s interior. We are also available to provide support to your booth builder or your preferred agency for this work.

Planning the design of your advertising and promotional event spaces

Realize your own ideas for the design of your FUTURIA Boxx

The application of branding for your vehicle’s exterior and interior surfaces (along with flags, tarps and miscellaneous advertising surfaces) is facilitated thanks to elaborate sets of drawing supplied by MOST. Dimensioned layouts let you accurately plan what to present in which particular vehicle zone (or which activities are to take place in the particular zones).  

Your interior design as a 3D image

Experience your FUTURIA Boxx from all vantage points

For just about every MOST vehicle, we can make available CAD data that can be used to display – as a total spatial experience from every angle – walls with integrated monitors, seating, counters, terminals and much more. This gives you an opportunity to give co-decision makers and your sales department insights into the campaign before the roadshow gets underway.

The FUTURIA Boxx Family
A suitable vehicle type for any purpose

When it comes to the FUTURIA Boxx, MOST has available an appealing selection of models, each conceived to fit the differing requirement of various types of mobile campaigns. Discover the many possibilities – and the matching vehicle for your promotional activity. All the Boxx versions are conceived in such a way that they can be put into operation by just one person without much effort.

Campaign examples
Each activity requires an individual appearance

We provide you with an adequate solution!

Not only functional or highly flamboyant full-size-branding, also the interior and equipment for each campaign type and target audience are very individual. MOST's experts for branding and interior offer extensive ideas and solutions for the individual design, furnishing and equipment of your truck and trailer. Learn more about the rich experience, we gained through numerous projects.