Your vehicle – in best hands with MOST
The most commercially-viable alternative to in-house operation

For over 30 years now, MOST has been servicing and maintaining customer-owned vehicles. Among other things, we ensure their operational readiness and safety by means of vehicle checks and preventive maintenance. We also carry out professional vehicle cleaning. MOST can also store your vehicles and material or make available a trained driver.

We move your vehicle to wherever you want it

MOST offers vehicle owners an economically-attractive alternative to operating a showtruck or infomobile by yourself. Instead of entering a contractual relationship with an own truck or organization team speak to us. We can assume operative responsibility for your vehicle.  Roadshow-trained truck managers can take your vehicle where you want – and when you want. Naturally this service also entails its safe set-up and dismantling as well as vehicle cleaning responsibilities. And, if you want, feel free to train the truck manager concerning your products, outfit him with your company’s teamwear and give him a dress-code for the roadshow, set-up, the actual marketing event or trade fair.

At MOST your truck is in the best of company

MOST gives you a comprehensive Hosting Services Package specially tailored to the needs of roadshow vehicles.  Your truck is given a permanent parking space or exclusive indoor parking space. We make sure that your vehicle is ready and safe to operate at all times as well as tend to cleaning and maintenance needs.

Furthermore, a storage space is put at your disposal for alternating tour equipment or promotional gifts, for example.  These items can be exchanged or loaded onto your vehicle as needed. Advice on the proper level of insurance is also part of our service offering as is the reading out of driving data and providing information on when your vehicle is due for a mandated safety and emissions inspection or a periodic vehicle inspection.

Preventive maintenance
Ensuring that your vehicle lacks for nothing

Showtrucks and infomobiles are “branch stores on wheels”. They must be able to function smoothly at any spot in the world.  MOST thus offers regular customer services for generators, air-conditioning, electrical equipment as well as leak testing (for water and hydraulic systems as well as the box body). Apart from assuring the vehicle’s operational and road safety this is also key to the long-term preservation of your vehicle’s value.

Lots of regulations – one central POC

Operating a showtruck or infomobile goes hand in hand with a number of requirements and general conditions. MOST is your central point of contact when it comes to, for example, preparing the structural specifications/erection instructions in line with the "portable building" regulations along with proof of structural integrity. MOST is also your POC when it comes to safe stairs/entrances, inspections and approval pursuant to accident prevention regulations, positioning and checking of fire extinguishers and finally also coordination with exhibition companies for matters concerning set up, the issuance of carnets and quick customs clearance.