Branding and customized interior design
So that you will be recognized instantly from near and afar

Regardless of whether you buy or lease: A branded infomobile or show truck is a very effective moving billboard. It lets you show off your products and services along with your corporate design – in a way that people are familiar with. Outside and inside. MOST offers the full palette of customization solutions so people can instantly recognize your vehicle.

Rolling eye-catchers with abundant advertising space

Show yourself from your most attractive side! A promotional truck or infomobile with your advertising logo and design should be unique and stay in people’s minds. Design your vehicle exactly how you want to be perceived – both outside and inside. With flags, banners or even tent systems.

The branding specialists at MOST will come up with a myriad of ideas and design solutions for customized trucks and trailers. You will be spoilt for choice. Transform your vehicle with simple, economical plot lettering or composings that consist of lettering and pictures. Or splurge on a vehicle that is fully wrapped in Digi-Prints.

Interior design
We outfit your “branch store on wheels”

At MOST, we can fit out and customize any campaign vehicle based on your specifications – gladly in collaboration with your own designers or booth builders.      

We put practically no limits on your wishes. MOST will build and install your interior design with perfect suitability for your infomobile or semi-trailer. Obviously, securely-fitted elements and professionally-wired exhibits are part and parcel of this process. Changeable modules, which can be stored with MOST, are also an option.    

Give free reign to your ideas. Multiple monitors or touchpads, complex multi- media controls, seating areas and counters, interactive demo walls, water- and compressed air supply – MOST’s design and fitting experts will see to it that your specifications are beautifully realized.      

We will gladly also make available to you CAD designs to facilitate your interior planning. MOST has these for most of its vehicles.

Kit out the team with uniform tour outfits

During your info campaign or roadshow uniform teamwear is always a good idea. Teamwear makes truck managers, hostesses and other team members easy to spot and approach by interested parties. It adds a finishing touch and underscores a perfect brand presentation.

MOST offers a wide range of teamwear including jackets, windbreakers, sweats, polo shirts and t-shirts along with embroidered and printed articles. Otherwise ask your agency for a customized teamwear collection. These items can also be presented to your best customers as a gift.