Change your perspective

Huawei focuses on mobile product presentation

Being a provider of information technology and telecommunications solutions, Huawei is known all over the world. The chinese company also offers network infrastructure, cloud computing solutions and terminal devices such as smartphones and tablets.

In order to present its new smartphones and tablets, Huawei goes on tour for 12 month and shows its newest products live in the fair and information trailer CUBE. With this, the company follows the trend to show products to the user via live communication and live experience.

Successful application in B2B and consumer field

The trailer is designed conspicuously and fancy and - when opened completely - it has a very large area with a roof. It is positioned in front of electronic shops and on public places. It is an inviting booth and enables clients and interested people to get in touch with the newest products and to try them. This way, the user can experience how a new dual camera in his smartphone changes his perspective.

The trailer CUBE ist not only rolling for Huawei's consumer sector. Due to shifting walls, it can be transformed into a closed room which can be used to train staff members of electronic stores. This trailer is the perfect vehicle solution for an application in B2C and B2B.