The BEULCO liner

Explore the world of BEULCO live inside the promotion truck

The BEULCO liner

BEULCO GmbH & Co. KG is a modern family-owned company. Every day highly motivated and well-trained staff members take care of all their customer's needs and ensure their satisfaction. BEULCO is one of the leading suppliers in Europe concerning high-quality products for civil engineering and building services.

As a specialist for manufacturing metallic connecting systems and components for civil engineering and building services, BEULCO has an excellent reputation being an innovative medium-sized enterprise. Besides its own program for civil engineering as well as sanitary and heating industry, BEULCO also offers products made of non-ferous metals for considerable manufacturers in this sector.

Experience the whole world of BEULCO live

The world of gas and water supply is subject to constant change as this is the case for a lot of other branches too. Users are challenged on a daily basis as they have to deal not only with complex products but with new and reviewed norms and policies – not an easy task besides the day-to-day business.

As a competent partner, BEULCO now visits its users with a conspicuous and large promotion truck providing them on-site with all the information and products which are necessary in practice.

True to the motto „By professionals for professionals“, the focus is on the user and it is his experience that counts. This is why ideas, problems and questions should be lively discussed.

Therefore the FUTURIA Boxx has been equipped with a lounge, a fridge and a coffeemaker. BEULCO has taken everything into account concerning its presentation and it wants its clients to feel good. For this reason, the truck has been equipped with an efficient air conditioner applicable in all climate zones and the floor has been designed in warm wooden tones.

The entrance area can be opened completely, turning the promotion truck into an open and inviting fair booth on wheels.

We wish BEULCO a lot of fun and good luck with its truck!