Many Countries and 80.000 kilometers

Summary of GROHE‘s 2016 Showtruck Tour

A hard-charging year in which GROHE’s two show trucks offered presentations on an almost daily basis to specialist wholesalers and partners has come to an end.

A leading provider of sanitary fittings on the international stage and a global brand for innovative sanitary ware, GROHE launched a show truck tour in 2016. The company impressively demonstrated just how important it is to offer on-site professional support for specialist shops and processors. The trucks allow product benefits and innovations to be very conveniently presented and demonstrated for sanitation professionals wherever they happen to be located.

In addition to destinations throughout Scandinavia and many other European countries, Ukraine, Belarus and Russia also featured on the tour itinerary of one of the trucks involved. We would like to express our respect and appreciation for our truck managers whose excellent driving skills ensured smooth operations throughout the very extensive tour. Their outgoing and helpful nature, moreover, made them welcome and popular sights in all the sales regions where they set up base.

We hope that GROHE will enjoy continued success with these show trucks in the upcoming years.