LUNGE ZÜRICH’s so-called 'LuftiBus'

A first-rate mobile preventive health service in Switzerland

LUNGE ZÜRICH is a non-profit organisation and point of contact for all issues concerning lungs and the breathing air in the Canton of Zurich.

As one of 20 canton-based lung leagues in Switzerland, LUNGE ZÜRICH advocates the needs of lung-impaired individuals. It offers early detection as well as preventive health services aimed at staving off lung disease while also boosting the quality of life for chronic sufferers. Among other things, LUNGE ZÜRICH provides advice and care services for almost 10.000 people in Zurich who are affected by lung disease.

But LUNGE ZÜRICH also dispenses advice to the population at large about the importance of healthy lungs and clean air. With its health-promoting projects, it reaches out especially to children and youths because this is where the most lasting impact can be made.

The so-called 'LuftiBus' (a composite term combing the German word for 'air' with 'bus'), LUNGE ZÜRICH’s lung-testing bus, has been part of these efforts for over 26 years. During this time over 100.000 pulmonary function tests, which are important in the early detection of malfunctioning lungs, have been carried out in the LuftiBus. Indeed, when it comes to lung disease, the earlier it is diagnosed the easier it can be treated. Early detection and prevention are thus the main objectives of LUNGE ZÜRICH.


MOST Mobile delivers the new 'LuftiBus 2017'

This May, MOST delivered a new LuftiBus to LUNGE ZÜRICH. And this new vehicle is impressive in every respect. Not only was it designed to perfection – both inside and outside – but all due care was taken to ensure a sense of well-being and safety for guests while aboard the LuftiBus. Organically-shaped furniture, the light surfaces and paneling as well as the pleasant and friendly atmosphere that the lighting creates all contribute to this.

In terms of safety, the FUTURIA Boxx model offers some very important features. This also includes a large and sturdy vehicle access platform with two handrails, which is indispensible in the healthcare sector. The low internal floor height also plays a part in facilitating access to the LuftiBus.

MOST Mobile sends its best wishes to LUNGE ZÜRICH for successful coming years with its mobile preventive health services. Have a safe journey!

Wir wünschen LUNGE ZÜRICH viele weitere Jahre Erfolg bei der mobilen Gesundheitsprävention und allzeit Gute Fahrt!