rbb Television Goes on Air

Live broadcasts from the mobile TV studio

Since Monday, 7 September, the German regional television channel 'rbb' has been making Berliners and viewers in Brandenburg an (almost) unbeatable offer: Live and at differing locations, it broadcasts information and entertainment Mondays through Fridays at 4 pm.

A novelty when it comes to German television: The mobile TV studio

With this new programme, rbb is offering a mix of information, services and entertainment with a regional focus: »rbb UM4« is both authentic television and an exploratory tour. It gets close to people on-site while always staying eye-to-eye with viewers. Special features and reports on regional happenings will be among the staple elements of this programme. In addition, »rbb UM4« will also impart practical tips in connection with travel, culture, heath and for rbb’s other programmes. Moreover, numerous prizes can be won by viewers as part of a daily quiz.

rbb is entering uncharted territory in the German television landscape. The programme »rbb UM4« on weekdays is a TV magazine that will be aired live from a mobile studio, thus giving it an unmistakable character. The 14-metre-long PROMOSTAR semi-trailer by MOST can be set up effortlessly with just a few steps to create a glazed, light-flooded television studio boasting a floor space of 33 square meters.

First stops for »rbb UM4«: Potsdam and IFA Berlin

rbb’s new programme »rbb UM4« was launched from Potsdam’s Luisenplatz. On the occasion of the 25thanniversary of the State of Brandenburg’s founding, Arndt Breitfeld, the presenter, engages Potsdam residents who enjoy a special relationship to their state in conversations. The following day, »rbb UM4« will make an appearance at the IFA (global trade show for consumer electronics and home appliances) in Berlin.

Professional live communication in the world of television

MOST would like to express its appreciation to rbb for the highly-professional collaboration experienced with all of the involved departments. We are proud to have been able to provide rbb with such a technically-sophisticated show truck – and within a relatively short implementation period.

Above all, in terms of live communication, rbb’s decision to go with a mobile TV studio is very much in vogue. It will ensure that »rbb UM4« is a palpable and experienceable programme. A mobile TV studio can visit people where they live and work rather than having them make an effort to come to us.

Presenters Susanne Tockan, Marc Langebeck and Arndt Breitfeld will alternately welcome viewers live and from different locations in Berlin and Brandenburg, Mondays through Fridays at 4 pm. In a 'making-of' clip, they reveal what changes their new work entails for them and also how they would make the best of the broadcast should the mobile studio ever get caught in traffic:

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MOST bedankt sich beim rbb für die hochprofessionelle Zusammenarbeit mit allen beteiligten Fachbereichen. Wir sind stolz darauf, dass wir an den rbb in einer relativ kurzer Umsetzungsdauer einen Showtruck mit derart komplexen technischen Anforderungen auf die Straße bringen konnten.

Vor allem aber sehen wir die Entscheidung des rbb, ein mobiles TV-Studio einzusetzen, voll im Trend der Live-Kommunikation. Damit wird »rbb UM4« eine Sendung zum Anfassen und Erleben. Und das immer dort, wo Menschen wohnen und arbeiten – man besucht sie, anstatt dass sie lange Wege auf sich nehmen müssen.

Die Moderatoren Susanne Tockan, Marc Langebeck und Arndt Breitfeld begrüßen die Zuschauerinnen und Zuschauer im Wechsel montags bis freitags um 16.00 Uhr live von einem anderen Ort in Berlin oder Brandenburg. Vor dem Start des Nachmittagsmagazins verraten sie im Making-of-Clip, was die neue Arbeit für sie an Veränderungen bringt und wie sie die Sendung retten würden, wenn das mobile Studio mal im Stau steht: