OSRAM-Rexel Hospitality Lighting Roadshow

With “the speed of light” through 13 countries

OSRAM, one of the global leaders in the lighting sector and the Rexel Group, the renowned French electrical supplies distributor, were looking for a groundbreaking and efficient roadshow solution for the presentation of their high-tech lighting technologies under the motto „Efficient light on tour“.

At the beginning of 2013, the companies started their roadshow with two vehicles, which made it possible to reach the desired objective with „the speed of light“ and cost-effectively at 68 locations in 13 EU countries: The roadshow took off in Berlin and finished in England.

Both presentation vehicles of type FUTURIA Boxx ensured that the ambitioned time schedule of the roadshow was met. The compact and versatile info-mobile stands for highest efficiency thanks to its lightweight body and aerodynamic design of the front and is set-up within a few minutes. The spacious integral body not only provides perfect outside area for striking brandings but also a generous inside floor space of 11 m2, which offers the ideal surrounding for the presentation of the extensive lighting technologies.

Via the inviting and wide entrance opening, the visitors were able to enter the mobile exhibition area according to the slogan “It’s more than light - It’s an invitation“.