MOST’s mobile lounge with a roof terrace

Welcoming clients and partners independently of space and time

Press events or special product shows occasionally also need a special location and a suitable hospitality site right where the action is. What’s important here – besides ensuring maximum visibility – is not being tied to a standard hosting venue. The well-being of guests is also paramount.

The GIANT 4.2 GE tractor-trailer is the perfect solution. With its white ceilings and an illumination system that produces bright but pleasant light, the GIANT has many important features to create a very nice atmosphere. Backlit screens and walls, for example, complement the ambiance but the colors, the large posters on the walls and the furnishings too are all designed to generate an inviting, relaxed vibe.

Apropos inviting: For MOST trucks this begins with the entrance, of which the premium-class GIANT boasts at least two. Convenient automatic doors or a large roofed veranda that fronts a glazed lounge are part of a GIANT show truck’s high-quality equipment. A wheelchair ramp or a galley kitchen can be fitted if desired.

Customized interior and technology

MOST’s interior planers can make it happen: Even unusual designs are possible. Carpeting or runners? No problem, these come into play as does flooring in wood effect to visually partition off areas.

Günter Hofbauer adds: 'Professional room design entails so much more – and this already starts with the ceiling. Dark mirrored panels belong to yesterday. Today you wouldn’t even call that 'retro' – it’s just out of style. But I wouldn’t say 'no' to a stylish hanging lamp in a show truck or info mobile. Why not? A mix of decorative elements and technology in conjunction with the play of colors and shapes is very trendy right now. The trick is to link the campaign topic with an unusual experience and a sense of well-being; and that’s something that we make possible with our vehicles.'

Fabulous 'trade show booth on wheels' thanks to 3D planning

MOST is increasingly making use of complex 3D views to show our customer’s planning team – or the agency – what to expect when our work on their info mobile or show truck’s interior is finished.

And frequently the actually realized interior design is in fact virtually identical with the original rendering.