Heavyweights Aboard

Austroflamm presents its latest stoves to dealers

Austroflamm is a well-known stove manufacturer from Austria. Pioneering when it comes to stored heat, the company has been developing and optimizing storage systems for stoves for decades. 

The stoves are outfitted with so-called “Keramott firebox lining”, an enormously heat-resistant ceramic material that was developed by Austroflamm. Offering the perfect ratio between heat insulation and heat conduction, its main purpose is clean and efficient combustion from the very first moment. Indeed, emissions from Austroflamm stoves are significantly below current threshold values. These stoves thus go easy on the environment and on your wallet alike.

Roadshows and mobile product presentations have been an integral part of Austroflamm’s sales strategy for many years now; the company can draw on a wealth of professional experience in this area. When Austroflamm approached MOST GmbH with the intention of replacing its old showtruck with a modern, lightweight show-mobile in a striking design, the biggest challenge was accommodating as many stoves as possible. And these are true heavyweights of around 300 kg per unit. Moreover, as a firing installation, highly secure mounting is absolutely indispensible. 

For this purpose, a substructure was developed by MOST for the FUTURIA Boxx that satisfies the requirement of carrying heavy tensile loads and point loads while also making it easy to switch the exponents and do completely without lashing straps. For the walls to accommodate as many exhibits as possible, just one conveniently accessible entrance with an automatic closing mechanism was installed towards the back of the truck on one of the sides.

For Ferdinand Huemer, the founder and managing director of Austroflamm, this challenge prompted him to want to personally test the outstanding handling characteristics and the comfort afforded by the FUTURIA BOX’ full air-suspension. 

The result is very gratifying. The innovative stoves – with a net weight of about 1300 kg – can be conveniently presented aboard a FUTURIA Boxx  to dealers all across the German-speaking regions. 


Austroflamm Infomobil Branding
Austroflamm Infomobil Exterieur
Austroflamm FUTURIA Boxx Infomobil