On-site Dale Carnegie Training

A mobile seminar room comes to your workplace

For over 100 years now, Dale Carnegie has been supporting people and companies to improve their efficiency and drive company success with top-notch performances. Customized training programs help participants to exploit their full potential. All the while, these training methods, along with the innovative, certified advisory and coaching approaches, are continually being refined.

Internationally-operating businesses, especially Hidden Champions and global leaders, profit from Dale Carnegie’s global competence. More than 2.800 business coaches currently offer culturally-adapted training sessions in over 90 countries and 30 different languages. The topics covered include leadership, presentation, sales, communication as well as corporate-, team- and personality development. So far, over 9 million people across the globe have benefitted from this training.

Coaching in a mobile seminar room – so-called 'truck training' – is new to the Dale Carnegie portfolio.

The individual and personality development take center stage during this team training program, which was specifically designed for a major petroleum company. Per day, four specialized trucks travel are on the way to filling stations across Switzerland, Austria and Germany. Once they pull up to a station, they transform into a mobile seminar room that can host up to 16 employees. Even during practical exercises, the truck enables filling station teams to train in a realistic working environment where they can learn how to surpass themselves.

Thanks to their positive optics, these trainings trucks delight not only employees but also customers and passers-by. Featuring a glazed training room and conspicuous branding, these show trucks offer a fabulous space in which motivated, enthusiastic people can get together and train together. Participants benefit from the short commutes that on-site training makes possible, but this special seminar also clearly demonstrates to them the high regard in which they are held by their employer.