Successful premier class on tour through Europe

As leading full-service provider for special-purpose vehicles suitable for mobile exhibitions, promotions and events, MOST can look back on a very successful business year 2011.

Due to innovative and reliable vehicle technologies and consistent product development, forecasts are highly positive.

The premier class of tractor-trailers, the GIANT – with multiple area extensions – impresses with new developments. Here, the latest LED- light technology ensures highest illumination of the promotional area, wheelchair ramps and generous glazing for an inviting approach and comfortable atmosphere.

Users of the large truck-class are mostly companies, banks and associations, which require a large exhibition- and promotional area for more than 40 people. A well-known hospital operator e.g. used the generous space as a consultation- and examination area for preventive medical check-ups.

Thanks to the reliable and innovative construction, delivery time for the powerful GIANT takes on average 4-6 months. Another great option is renting a GIANT in as new condition, driven by an experienced truck driver from MOST. The advantage is that there are no long-term commitments required and preparation work on e.g. the interior is much less.

Besides the production/renting and truck management, MOST also offers its clients, upon request, additional services such as e.g. location-checks. After all, the GIANT requires at least 8 m width and a solid base for being set-up.

For further information on the trailer type GIANT, please call us on: +49 911 6000 2 999