Xbox 360

Kinect-Truck on tour

As of October 2011, Kinect for Xbox 360 is on the road through Germany for its 3-month tour. Even before the official product launch on 10 November, gaming fans had the chance to experience the latest Kinect controller-free games live in the show truck. 

This time, the PROMOSTAR.4 by MOST brings great entertainment to public places, as well as events such as fairs and festivals, in over 30 cities.

Gaming fans were stoked with the great fun factor when scoring goals with “Kinect Sports” or doing workouts with the Ubisofts fitness game “Your Shape”. The virtual petting zoo created great amusement among the little visitors of the Kinect truck.

The Kinect truck guarantees fun and action!

The event and promotion agency New Line Communication in Berlin has again excelled in putting an immaculate roadshow event into reality.