FUTURIA Truck with extra Hospitality

New Trailer-Tent concept expands useful area

From now on, there is a sophisticated tent that can be connected directly to the FUTURIA trailer.

Thus, the usable space increases by another 73 sqm. The Trailer-Tent’s particular advantage is the front area at ground level, which is ideal to establish contacts with e.g. customers. Another benefit is that bulky and heavy exhibits such as cars and even large lounge sofas can be placed inside.

Upon request, the FUTURIA Trailer-Tent is available in almost any colour. Different kind of light elements, as well as window shutters and designs can be selected. The set-up time takes on average two hours. Depending on the type of event and duration, flooring can also be placed in the Trailer-Tent to provide protection against dampness.

For the first time ever, the newly developed Trailer-Tent was used in the context of a driving safety course for the “Viperclub Germany”. MOST is really pleased about the club’s great feedback on the curved roof; after all, it matches the truck’s sporty design concept just perfectly.