Coop Naturaplan

20 Years of Passion for Nature

With an abundance of pioneering spirit and boldness, exactly 20 years ago Switzerland’s most innovative organic brand, Naturaplan, was launched in collaboration with Bio Suisse. Two decades later, just about every second organic product in Switzerland is purchased at Coop. Indeed, organic quality is something that has almost become a matter of course in this country.

Coop celebrated the 20th anniversary of Naturaplan in a variety of ways including with the Naturaplan truck, which toured the entire country and visited all of the Coop shopping centre branches in more than 100 different locations!  Visitors were delighted with the interactive and diverse exhibition that focussed playfully on the topic of "nature". 

Using vehicle graphics, the truck was completely wrapped and optically transformed into a mobile barn, creating a fun and inviting atmosphere for both young and old. Nine play stations aroused enthusiasm for nature and animated visitors to dance and engage in many other activities. The answers to fascinating questions on the topic of flora and fauna, for example, could be felt, smelled or perceived acoustically. A photo booth allowed guests to demonstrate what they personally love about nature. 

Owing to its light-weight construction and outstanding manoeuvrability, the PROMOSTAR semi by MOST was the perfect mobile communication platform for those who already love organic product quality and those who will soon be won over.