VAT Vacuum Valves

The European Roadshow 2013

The VAT Vacuum Valves AG has been working in the field of development, manufacture and research of vacuum gate valves for the semiconductor and vacuum coating industries and employs 900 staff worldwide. The family-owned enterprise with its headquarters based in Switzerland, is the global market leader for good reason – their focus is strictly placed on its core competence  – the vacuum valve technology.

VAT toured under the motto „VAT driving InnoVATion“ through Europe and visited primarily research centres and universities. The latest in vacuum valve technologies were introduced and demonstrations were held to show how cost-saving a vacuum valve can be self-maintained and repaired. The students were also able to get a good insight about the innovative jobs of a natural scientist or engineer at VAT.

The European roadshow was implemented with the futuristic design-truck FUTURIA. Due to its aerodynamic construction, it offers fuel-saving benefits and is the perfect counterpart to the state-of-the art products from VAT.