Security through Community Policing

MOST delivers first police space mobile to Switzerland

The main objective of community policing is the prevention of crime. The intention is to not only prevent the perpetrating of crimes; indeed, the social conditions and circumstances that threaten security must also be dealt with. This is the approach that community policing efforts aim to put into place. And, ideally, these would take effect before criminal behaviour has a chance to take hold. The cooperative efforts among the police force and citizens, associations and interest groups are mutually supportive and beneficial, a circumstance that is, in fact, also necessary for recognizing and solving problems. A further goal of these activities is to enhance the quality of life of citizens by reducing the fear of crime.

To support this campaign, MOST delivered an info-mobile to Basel’s cantonal police force; it allows operating in an independent manner and thus also at a closer distance to the population. This info-mobile will primarily be used for large public events and for police-rated publicity events where it can serve as a contact point for citizens.

The FUTURIA Boxx features the largest interior in the 3.5-ton class. With its wide, inviting entrance, a reception area and a seating area, it is the perfect choice.

We send our best wishes to Basel’s cantonal police for continued success and a safe journey!