Aerial imaging with drone technology

Yuneec Europe sets great store by mobile presentations

In the past, photographers had to climb into an aeroplane if they wanted to capture aerial photographs. Nowadays, all it takes is a drone to make spectacular aerial photos and videos. These radio-controlled unmanned aircrafts can get closer to the object of interest and provide images that capture the imagination.

Yuneec International Co. Ltd., founded in Hong Kong, is the global leader when it comes to electric aviation. Apart from manned electric-powered aircraft, this enterprise manufactures drones and radio-controlled model airplanes. Yuneec’s comprehensive video and photos solutions – for ground and aerial footage – have been delighting customers thanks to their outstanding quality and innovative features. The multicopter 'Typhoon H', thus, was recently designated 'best drone' at the CES 2016 trade fair.

Since the end of 2015, Yuneec Europe GmbH has been the proud owner of two FUTURIA Boxx info mobiles which allow the company to showcase its product range. When on tour, Yuneec banks on dispensing professional information in conjunction with on-site, face-to-face communication with distributors and at trade fairs.

The choice was made for the FUTURIA Boxx, as it is ideally suited for smaller and frequently changing locations thanks to its aerodynamic and lightweight construction of 7.5 metres in total length.

The branding of the two info mobiles shows two of Yuneec’s drones, the Typhoon and the Tornado in action. They sweep across the road and demonstrate their potential.

The info mobile’s spacious, purist interior enables customers and interested parties to gain some insights into Yuneec‘s latest product innovations, which are exquisitely staged on customized sideboards that provide indirect lighting. The drone’s features can be explained and directly pointed out on the drone itself; qualified advice and guidance is thus warranted. The mobile presentation is augmented by two monitors, which serve to enhance the sales pitch by means of application examples and information videos. This very hands-on demonstration includes a test flight of the radio-controlled drone, during which all of its special features are highlighted.

The futuristic design of MOST’s FUTURIA Boxx, along with customized branding, ensures that Yuneec’s info mobiles get plenty of attention. And the drones, whose popularity in the area of aerial imaging and logistics is on the rise, will be optimally presented on the road.