On the Road with the Job Mobile

Leading personnel services provider I.K. Hofmann mobilises potential employees

For some 30 years now, Hofmann Personal, an internationally-operating recruitment consultancy, has successfully banked on close collaboration between clients and staff. With approximately 90 branches, Hofmann Personal is among Germany’s biggest and most successful personnel service providers; it also operates subsidiaries in Austria, England, Czech Republic and the United States.

Human resource services can lead to quick job placement – either through direct recruitment or by means of temporary staffing. Thanks to this personnel service, businesses are able to take a flexible human resource policy approach.

Hofmann Personal is always looking for new ways to connect temporary staff with employers. By taking to the road with its job mobile, this personnel services provider can address both applicants and employers one-on-one.

Matching the right staff with the right employer

The Hofmann job mobile has been touring Germany and Austria since September 2013. Stopovers are scheduled at job fairs and wherever recruitment drives are being held. But the info mobile can also be found directly at the branch offices where information is imparted to employers. Here, the info mobile also serves as a central port of call where potentialities can be jointly discovered and where career prospects can be pointed out. Hofmann Services aims to make every job search a successful one.

The FUTURIA Boxx info mobile has a distinctive look that stands out among the standard box trucks and thus attracts plenty of attention. It is quite an eye-catcher at fairs and arouses a lot of curiosity about its interior. In fact, Hofmann Personal has even had an opportunity to welcome ex football manager Reiner Calmund aboard its job mobile.

With its wide, glazed entrance area, the job mobile is inviting to interested parties and applicants. The info mobile’s easy access and transparent construction, beckons visitors into a spacious interior that boasts a pleasant ambiance along with a modern air conditioning system and multi-media technology. The Hofmann team can thus present job offers directly on site. All the pertinent applicant data can be entered directly into two installed information terminals. Hofmann Personal shows just how uncomplicated applying for a job can be nowadays. And with its job mobile, Hofmann Personal is setting a new standard in terms of personnel recruitment.

I.K. Hofmann’s tour video offers a small glimpse into the successful tours of its job mobile and the positive feedback received from job seekers.