Multimedia Summer-Mobile toured across Germany

In mid-June, Berlin started its first summer tour and covered a distance of 4000 km in the whole of Germany. So far, the staff members of visitBerlin reached with this event 500.000 people in 30 cities and promoted the capital city and tourism destination.

The concept of a multimedia Summer-Mobile –shaped like a cube in red-white design – has turned out to be a huge success. After all, the people were pleased that the capital came to them and that they were informed about the attractive visitBerlin travel offer “Bahnhit Berlin” by the presenters and promoters.

Responsible for the purchase of the CUBE –manufactured by MOST – as well as for the implementation of the event and professional support was the agency Bärlin Team Eventdesign GmbH. The upcoming tour, which is also going to Poland, is already being planned.

Needless to say that the Team at MOST always loves positive feedback:

“We will not return the CUBE as quickly, it is great!!!! We are able to operate the vehicle incl. all technical devices (light, PCs, screens, sound system, fridge and coffee machine) with a battery for up to 10 hours without external power supply. This is unbeatable in pedestrian zones!” (Dan Wittke, managing director of the agency Bärlin Team).