Touching and Experiencing

AEG showcases innovations at the new CUBE information stand

AEG is a true pioneer in the area of household appliances. Always in search of the optimum solution between form, function and sustainability, this approach has proved very successful over the decades. In 2017, AEG celebrated ˈ130 Years of Innovation for the Homeˈ. AEG combines intelligent technology with appealing design by following the vision and design philosophy set out by AEG’s Peter Behrens: Perfection in form and function.

For the execution of its ˈExperience Tour 2018ˈ, AEG is relying on MOST’s CUBE.expo. This mobile stand is based on a car trailer, specially-developed for trade fairs and sales promotions, brings AEG’s latest innovations directly to the interested customer. With its striking and classy body design, the CUBE.expo already draws attention enroute to its destinations.

Experiencing is witnessing, touching and marveling. The new CUBE.expo, by means of very bright, full-surface illumination, showcases AEG’s product innovations to best effect. And, in general, much care was taken in creating a comfortable, modern living atmosphere in which to familiarize potential customers with the latest generation of robotic vacuum cleaners, cordless handheld vacuum cleaners and the impressively beautiful design of the AEG AirOundio mobile air conditioning unit.

Featuring flooring with an exquisite faux wood finish, all-weather glazing and a separate well dimensioned storage room or coffee kitchen, the CUBE.expo is the ideal vehicle for the Experience Tour and AEG’s high standard. And the CUBE itself captivates with some striking innovations: a rigid aluminum honeycomb body, for example; its low weight despite a 6.3-meter-long body and, above all, the ease with which it is put into operation. With the push of a button, the CUBE levels itself on-site.

We wish AEG every enjoyment and success during its Experience Tour! The CUBE.expo with its large floor space is, after all, very nicely suited as a venue for professional live communication. It can go – and easily be positioned – anywhere it’s likely to meet upon target groups that are particularly receptive to experiencing AEG’s newest range of appliances up-close and first hand.

AEG Infomobil seitlich
AEG Infomobil Frontansicht
AEG Infomobil Innenansicht