The Rosenbauer Showtruck

Mobile presentation of protective equipment

Rosenbauer International AG is the world’s leading manufacturer of firefighting and emergency response vehicles and the top exporter of fire engines

With production sites across three continents (Europe, North America and Asia) that are both DIN and NFPA (National Fire Protection Association in US) certified, Rosenbauer is the industry‘s trendsetter. Pioneering innovations and outstanding vehicles by Rosenbauer have decisively shaped firefighting technology and the response to emergencies. In Germany alone, Rosenbauer employs 700 people to build 500 vehicles each year.

Rosenbauer strives to occupy top positions in all its areas of operation. The main corporate goal is to grow and be profitable in a sustainable way, thus continuing to increase the company’s value.

And this is why we are extraordinarily proud that Rosenbauer chose a PROMOSTAR by MOST to use as a mobile showroom to showcase its firefighting equipment.