Robots are on the way!

Universal Robots lets you touch and test

Over the past few years, robots have set in motion the fourth industrial revolution. They are being used to automate the most varied tasks in more and more companies. In the meantime, a new robot generation is emerging that is able to cooperate with people: lightweight, flexible and, above all, they can be operated intuitively.  And this makes the automation of production processes affordable even for small and medium-sized businesses.

Robotic truck discovery world

Visitors can experience cutting-edge automation technology for manufacturing processes up-close in the truck of Universal Robots (UR), the leading robotics manufacturer. To make the advantages of robot technology palpable, the 12-week road show through Germany, Austria and Switzerland is being conducted under the motto: Touch and Test  

It was specially-devised for manufacturing businesses that hope to realign their production, thus making it viable for the future. Stopovers at more than 80 cities have been scheduled.

Live Experience for Users

Visitors, by the way, are invited to program and operate a robot in the Universal Robots showtruck. It’s as easy as can be. You can also test how well one can cooperate with the “new colleague” who is surprisingly flexible.  UR experts are on hand at all of the truck stops to answer any questions you may have and to find customized solutions for the particular needs of users.

Easily automated. Over 21.000 times

Helmut Schmid, Managing Director of Universal Robots (Germany) GmbH and General Manager Western Europe, remarks that “We have successfully deployed over 21.000 robots in our customers’ businesses”. In the meantime, we have been able to acquire a full decade worth of experience. I am very much looking forward to sharing this know-how with all robotics enthusiasts during the roadshow”.

Robotics truck powered by MOST

To execute the roadshow, a mid-sized show truck was chosen jointly with the customer, who wanted to be sure that all the campaign destinations could be approached without any limitations. This size also facilities good placement of the truck. A brightly-lit, friendly exhibition and presentation environment for the robot arms – along with the accessories – was also a factor in the decision for the MOST truck.    

MOST Roadshow Experts not only installed the fully functional exponents – including VR equipment – so that customers can get an in-depth look at the UR products, it also handled the interior and exterior branding.

A press and social media campaign – focused around a picture of three robot arms and launched by Universal Robots in the run-up to the B2B roadshow – probably still sticks in the minds even of non-users.  The MOST team is already looking forward to the next time that “robots are on the way!”