Welcome to the LEDVANCE Truck

Lighting experience on the road

Even in the age of digitalization, personal contact with customers and partners has lost none of its importance for LEDVANCE. But how is direct exchange best effected? And how can we better familiarize customers with our business and products Europe-wide? The answer to these questions is a mobile lighting experience – welcome to the LEDVANCE truck.

The Mission

The idea of bringing LEDVANCE to the road has opened up whole new possibilities for the company. The idea took hold in 2016 and the project quickly evolved into a large-scale roadshow of several years duration. To this day, hundreds of stopovers have been made.

Wholesalers, processors, trade fairs and numerous other events are among the destinations across practically all of Europe. The entire LEDVANCE LED product palette is aboard the truck – from ceiling spots to linear light strips for inside and outside, for private residences and for commercial purposes alike.  

Road trip with consistently high acceptance

While most of the visitors at the mobile LEDVANCE showroom are contractors, it’s not unusual to also encounter architects and designers. The roadshow thus draws specialists from a wide range of disciplines. According to Roland Brüning, a permanent member of the MOST truck manager crew, “Visitors tend to ask a lot of questions or engage in shoptalk”. Something that he finds remarkable is that visitors want to handle the products; they want to inspect them up-close. Interest is indeed so great that Brüning feels obliged to double-check that all the products have been properly stored away before he hits to road for the next stage.

Apropos experiencing products in a fascinating way: It goes without saying that the FUTURIA Boxx showroom gets a new interior design each year with all the latest innovations. And the very distinctive layout of the external branding is also renewed regularly.

For those of you who haven’t had an opportunity to experience the LEDVANCE Truck, check out Facebook, Twitter and Instagram where the journey is being documented.

The tour can be experienced virtually under the hashtag #LEDVANCEtruck.