Phoenix Contact InfoLINER

Five information vehicles establish successful business relationships

As one of the global market leaders of connection and automation technology, Phoenix Contact underlines its technological competence and high performance through close customer proximity all over Europe. 

With a fleet of five innovative information vehicles of type FUTURIA Boxx1 and the focus on professional communication directly at the customer’s premises, Phoenix Contact counts among the top class companies.

The Phoenix Contact InfoLINERs are perfectly suited for all kinds of climate zones from Russia, to France, up to Scandinavia – thanks to the fully insulated box body. With a wall length of over 13 meters, fully wired product presentation boards, extensive multimedia equipment and comfortable seating area, the InfoLINER provides the ideal surrounding.

The Phoenix Contact sales and marketing team deserves a lot of credit for their proactive use of the vehicles. Besides connection technology, it is also about connecting with people, who trust in the products of the Blomberg-based company.