Malakoff Médéric Emphasizes Live Communication

Mobile customer service outlets for France

The French insurance group, Malakoff Médéric, covers people’s special needs with regard to health and retirement arrangements while also insuring their material assets. The extensive social commitment that this group engages in is characterized especially by its preventive nature and its support for the handicapped.

Direct, personal contact with their insurance holders and comprehensive counsel for interested parties is something that is a priority for Malakoff Médéric, a recognized social insurer.

In the future, Malakoff Médéric wants to be more easily accessible throughout all regions of France – and this in an especially pleasant way. For this purpose, the insurer will use flashy, modern info mobiles with a likeable and contemporary boutique character.  

Following an almost one-year-long process to select a suitable fleet of vehicles, Malakoff Médéric has opted for the FUTURIA Boxx by MOST.

The French designer Jeff van Dyck developed the interior design for Malakoff Médéric‘s La Boutique-Mobile fleet. Especially eye-catching is their light, friendly appearance and way the strikingly distinctive meeting area - featuring a round sitting ensemble - has been visually sectioned off. Also inviting is the vehicles’ wide, glazed entry areas that can - weather allowing - be completely opened up.

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