Enel shows performance spectrum with roadshow

Italy's leading energy supplier on tour

Enel is the largest energy supplier in Italy and in Europe second place to suppliers. The company also has a leading position in the energy and gas markets of Europe and Central America and is in 40 countries and four continents with the energy supply and distribution of rd. 98 gigawatts active. A network of about 1.9 million kilometres provides around 61 million customers, with 42% of energy generation already generated carbon-free at Enel.

Enel is the first supplier in the world to replace electrommechanical meters with intelligent measuring technique. This makes it possible to measure consumption in real time and to adjust supplies from afar. Already 32 million households in Italy already have this technique and in Spain it already has 13 million. Enel's intelligent measuring technique is the key to developments for smart grids, smart cities and electrommobility.

Enel has much to offer in all sections of energy and saving, and it was therefore, of course, that an innovative promotion vehicle is being used for the Enel Enel Enel.

The decision was taken on the FUTURIA Boxx, which was used on the ground with a highly striking product box and integrated into an ensemble of another module of action as an infomobil for consultation.

The top score is the MP Group of the car's full-size fire. This is where professional design work was done to create all the areas of the FUTURIA Boxx in the look and feel of the Enel.