Kuwait’s KNPC is gearing up for the future

Motivational training by Dale Carnegie in a Showtruck

“Clean Fuel” is a key corporate goal for the Kuwait National Petroleum Company (KNPC). This state-owned company aspires to produce clean – and especially sulfur-free – fuels with the help of modern technology. Energy efficiency and environmental protection are also high on the agenda during the production process.

Kuwait National Petroleum Company (KNPC) is Kuwait’s national oil refining company.  In cooperation with three refineries, Mina Abdulla, Mina Al-Ahmadi and Shuaiba, KNPC offers the Near East’s largest refining capacity. Over a million barrels of crude oil are refined by KNPC on a daily basis. The largest refinery, Mina Al-Ahmadi, accounts for almost half of the daily production amount.

As a national company, KNPC is obligated to actively support current government programs designed to reduce emissions, save energy and encourage environmentally-friendly production processes. The modernization and upgrading of the three refineries, broken down to their individual processing and organizational areas, can be seen as part of KNPC’s comprehensive corporate vision.

KNPC’s senior staff got to enjoy exclusive, multi-week motivational training that was entirely arranged and executed by Dale Carnegie. A FUTURIA by MOST was also involved as a training site. Thanks to its extraordinary design, it made a great impression on the 150 participants from Kuwait. The circumstance that the showtruck kept being repositioned at various attractive locations made the program particularly nice and colorful as well as surprising.


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