Evangelical Lutheran Church in Bavaria

Campaign for 100% loving care

The Evangelical Lutheran and Catholic Church and their large social welfare organisations, Diakonie and Caritas agree that care is a matter of human dignity. To call attention to this topic, they created the campaign ”Nursing Care Instruction 2015”.

To raise public awareness of how important care is, a 14-metre long ”care truck" is currently touring through 30 Bavarian cities over the coming eight months. The campaign for 100% loving care was launched by an oecumenical service.

The motto of the nationwide campaign is: ”Care requires more time, more money, and more employees so these do not stretch to their physical and mental limits – this message is literally transported by the truck”.

This mobile roadshow concept provides time and space for face-to-face talks and is actively used in highly visited public spaces such as pedestrian areas and market squares.

The lightweight truck & trailer PROMOSTAR can be used in multiple ways. The generous interior space can be used for press conferences and serves as presentation and information area. The outdoor space with information desks and displays is where visitors meet with church representatives and members of the social welfare organisation.