Innovation and design in Switzerland on tour

The Bauknecht Roadshow 2015

Innovations have a long tradition with the household appliance manufacturer Bauknecht. It was founded in Schwaben almost 100 years ago, today it was home throughout Europe.

The philosophy of taking as much work as possible to the household has committed itself to the beginning. Nowadays, however, it takes a little more than technology and quality to meet the wishes of customers as possible. So Bauknecht equipment present themselves with a clear, independent design, noble materials and with a certain amount of surprising innovations that link more comfort and refinesse.

Modern, intelligent kitchen technique to touch on tour

From April to July 2015, Baukknecht visited Switzerland’s high-level kitchen store and showed his product-high lights. In the spacious and thanks to LED light technology, the Bauknecht household appliances were presented with extraordinary technologies and perfect design.

Whether oven, dishwasher or washing machine – in the Info Mobile, dealers and their customers had the opportunity to look and try the fully functional household appliances. The Baukknecht roadshow, with the motto “innovation and design,” offered a comfortable budget.