Chengdu- Panda's capital presents itself on tour

Join the virtual experience of this economic metropolis in a truck

Chengdu is the capital city of Sichuan – a chinese region that became the most important traffic junction point with approximately 14 milion inhabitants, whereas 5 milion live in the new districts and 9 milion in the surroundings.

Although Chengdu focuses on industry, it is rather proud of having conserved itself a "green heart". There are about 200 of the total 500 Forbes Companies in Chengdu. The electronic industry plays an important role with a production factor of 50% of all Apple iPads.

However, Chengdu also defines itself as being the worldwide "capital of the panda bear" , as the Chengdu Research Base of Giant Panda Breeding – a breeding station for the giant panda bear – is located in the north of the city. The Panda bear is one of the national symbols of China.

In October, Chengdu presented itself with a show truck during the international book fair in Frankfurt/Main and Warsaw, as both cities are located directly on the rail road which leads from Nuremberg to Chengdu in only 12 days.

The promotion truck is equipped with a lounge which invites everyone to take a seat and to enjoy the most popular scenes of Chengdu – the airport, the express train, its manufacturing companies - through virtual reality glasses.

Hence, the express train and the panda bear were conspicuously printed on the outside of the Chengdu truck. But that's not all of it. A staff of about 10 promoters from Chengdu entertained the fair visitors and the families on the area outside of the truck with panda costumes, painting, make-up and small games like steeling the bamboo forest.

On November 2nd, right after this promotion tour, an economic delegation of 60 people together with the German Minister of economics, Sigmar Gabriel, visited the economic capital Chengdu for five days.