The 90-year Anniversary Tour

The BayWa AG - international trading- and services company with a focus on the key segments agriculture, construction and energy - celebrates its 90th birthday. BayWa covers the basic needs of modern people in terms of food, shelter, mobility, warmth and electricity from a single source. 

On the occasion of its 90th jubilee, BayWa offers a wide range of anniversary activities taking place throughout the year and. Everyone has the chance to win great prices with the many virtual games and competitions. BayWa also donates one euro to the BayWa foundation and supports a variety of sustainable educational projects.

With the very unique FUTURIA Truck, BayWa is inviting under the motto “Experience BayWa. Discover BayWa. Explore BayWa.” to be part of the large-scale 90-year Anniversary Tour across Germany. The futuristic vehicle concept, which is a development and design by MOST, is featuring 9 decades of corporate development.

For the time travel, plenty is offered to the small and big visitors: Besides film- and three-dimensional graphics, there is also a BayWa on-tour museum with exhibits from past times, interactive windmills, kid’s activities, an apple stand and much more to experience the extensive portfolio.