Professional exhibition and promotional stands-on-wheels
Individual cube design redefined for greater eye-catching effect

The CUBE model concept is captivatingly simple and flexible:

The car trailers of MOST’s well-established series – spacious and featuring a distinctive design – are perfectly suited for direct sales, product demonstrations and promotional activities. Or even as a cookery studio. At a height of 360 cm, a width of 4.5 meters, and a length of 6.5 meter, the CUBE is a striking mobile stand. The car-trailer concept pays real dividends when it comes to multi-day events since you can drive the towing vehicle to the hotel or use it for running errands.

Made very inviting – for visitors to linger

The CUBE by MOST knows no psychological barriers. The trailer floor is low for all model types. Almost at ground level, a welcoming entrance across the entire width of the opening creates instant closeness to the products and services. Moreover, the end user can enjoy a sense of security and well-being beneath the roofed, weather-proofed cube enclosure. The CUBE.expo-GL, the premium model in this vehicle class, the entire promotional space can be partially- or fully-glazed for deployments during the cold season.

Front-runner in terms of payload

Between 800 and 1.500 kg can be installed or transported in a CUBE.OE or CUBE.expo without requiring a tractor unit with more than 2.700 kg in towing capacity. By comparison, the, with its rounded GFRP design, has a payload of 700 kg. If necessary, however, it may weigh up to 1.000 kg and more.

Construction type
Innovate car body design for true professionals

Except for the, with its rounded corners, the CUBE’s trailer body consists of a rigid aluminum honeycomb construction. Compared to other trailers, this makes the CUBE relatively light despite its remarkable size, and it’s also beneficial in term of payload.

The fully-clad frameworks of the CUBE.OE and CUBE.expo create a very upscale look that easily lifts these sophisticated trailers from the mass of standard car trailers.  The almost 5-meter-long marketing event area is complemented by a practical ancillary room that can be repurposed into a kitchen galley, storage space or changing room. The body boasts a total length of approx. 6.3 meters.

Mega-large advertising surface
80 m2 of advertising surface with a concept

Only 6.3-meters long, the design of the CUBE.OE and CUBE.expo offers a generous total of 80 m2 in advertising space on their exterior and interior walls and 4 flags each.

Persuasive arguments for professional deployments

The available models will win you over with practical features that highly recommend the CUBE as a trade fair booth or information stall. These features will also be very helpful on-site at the deployment destination. 

Cube roof screen and corner panels

Large roof screens can transform the CUBE.OE and CUBE.expo into a striking information booth in no time at all. The corner panels of the CUBE OE/GE, as well as the corner glazing of the CUBE.expo, not only provide additional advertising space; they also act as weather guards.

Extra room offers superior benefits

The front, aerodynamically-formed section of the CUBE.OE and CUBE.expo makes for a great storage space, changing room or mini kitchen. The lockable slide door also protects against unauthorized access to valuable items or your personal belongings.

State-of-the-art equipment

Latest generation, energy-saving LED power slim panels offer conditions that practically simulate daylight. Interesting options are also available for the exterior including a removable drawbar or a counter that conceals the drawbar. 

Flag masts

Five-meter high flag masts can easily be mounted at the corners of the box body. The flags themselves measure 260 x 100 cm.

Weather protection for promotional event area

All our CUBEs have their own, customized weather protection ranging from quickly-installed heavy-duty, transparent tarpaulins on the sides to sturdy advertising panels. With its GL-Glazing, the CUBE.expo offers the most high-end solution.  

Sophisticated leveling with the push of a button

The CUBE.expo-GL, as the flagship of this model class, can be equipped with an automatic 6-point leveling mechanism. In the light of the CUBE’s lateral room extension and glazing, this greatly facilitates set up.

Design your CUBE
From eye-catching branding to interior rendering

MOST will provide you with drawings and 3D visualizations to help you plan your CUBE’s exterior and interior design.

On request, you can also obtain branding and interior designs from our design and furnishing experts. We are also available to provide support to your booth builder or your preferred agency for this work.

Planning support for branding etc.

Bringing out your message to best effect

MOST will supply you with elaborate sets of drawings to facilitate the application of branding to your CUBE’s exterior and interior surfaces (along with flags and miscellaneous surface areas).  A plot plan showing the dimensioned surface area will help you determine which activities are to take place in the various trailer zones.

3D data
Your interior design as a 3D image

Experience your CUBE from all vantage points

For each MOST vehicle, we can make available CAD data for its interior rendering. It can be used to display – as an overall spatial experience from every angle – walls with integrated monitors, seating, counters and terminals etc.  This gives you an opportunity to give co-decision makers and the sales department insights into the campaign before the roadshow gets underway.

The various CUBE models
Suitable for turbo campaigns or multi-day events

The CUBE is extraordinarily versatile. For quick product demonstrations or presentations, even several times a day, all you need to do is open one side and fold out the stairs.  For all-day or multi-day roadshow campaigns additionally fold out the advertising screens, which add a huge amount of advertising space.  

By the way: The CUBE is designed in such a way that is can be put into operation modus by one person without much effort. 

Campaign examples
Each action requires individual performance

We offer you the right solution

Like the branding, with material labels and logos to the most striking full - size digital printing - extinction, the interior and equipment for each type of action and target group can be very individually designed. The Branding and Interior Specialists of most must offer you great ideas and solutions for individual design, equipment and equipment of your trucks and Trailers. Learn our experience based on a wide range of projects carried out!