Volksbanken and Raiffeisenbanken

Flexible in use – unique impact: the Geno-EventTruck.

“What should I do with my life, which profession is right for me?“ – key questions of the 14 to 18-year-old. 

The Volksbanken and Raiffeisenbanken are supporting the youth by finding professional answers for these essential questions - with MISSION FUTURE inside the Geno-EventTruck. 

Under the professional instruction of a tour leader, the pupils can complete a Talent-Check, which is based on scientific knowledge and has been developed especially for this purpose. Other than most common and boring cross-out tests, this is a multimedia simulation game, which is suited for all graduating classes. It is about a mission to Mars, where the pupils are kidnapped into an exciting wold for 60 minutes and thus, their individual strengths are exposed through play.

The truck type GIANT provides the ideal setting for the multimedia Roadshow. With a length of more than 16 metres, a space of over 55 sqm, 30 seats and extensive multimedia technologies, the Geno-EventTruck is not only a brand messenger for the Volksbanken and Raiffeisenbanken that is seen from afar. The two different set-up varieties turn the truck into a mobile platform for events that are long remembered.