The Hartlauer Health Mobile

Free eye and hearing tests throughout Austria

Hartlauer’s health bus has been offering free eye and hearing tests on location since 2013. Sight and hearing are often neglected in terms of preventive health care. Regular examinations by a specialist, however, are important for uncovering hearing deficits and problems with one’s eyesight at an early stage.

Hartlauer booked a FUTURIA Boxx from MOST, which is particularly suitable for inner-cities and smaller locations with limited parking space. This flashy info- and testing mobile is on the road for the well-known Hartlauer chain in Austria all year long. An especially welcoming entrance area with conveniently placed steps and handrails is crucial, because Hartlauer’s clientele encompasses people of all ages.

In accordance with customer specifications, the MOST vehicle was outfitted with a classy interior featuring high-gloss surfaces and a testing cabin that boasts a large daylight window.

With this testing mobile, Hartlauer is setting a new standard in terms of health care in Austria. We would like to express our gratitude for the professional collaboration during the execution of the vehicle project.