The ENTEGA information vehicle

Green electricity and excellent customer-service

ENTEGA supports its clients living a more sustainable life and making green energy affordable thanks to its innovative services. ENTEGA has been aiming for these targets since 2008, when given up on nuclear energy. Instead, ENTEGA invested in a large offshore wind park project with a capacity of 400 MW in the North Sea, back in 2009.

Today, ENTEGA is one of the most successful suppliers of green energy in Germany and continuous to provide excellent service and green energy at an affordable price to its customers. 

ENTEGA focusses particularly on a professional consultation on, for instance, low priced green electricity and climate-neutral natural gas. More information can be found at local ENTEGA Points, online for the cities Dresden, Dusseldorf, Frankfurt, Hamburg, Cologne, Munich, and Worms – or via the ENTEGA information vehicle.

To bring the message of energy saving across in a visually conclusive way, ENTEGA decided for the streamlined and lightweight FUTURIA Boxx by MOST.

With the consultation branch on wheels that is suited for all seasons, ENTEGA reaches especially citizens in small towns