Roadshow featuring a Water Challenge

SodaStream begins its information campaign

Drinking water is one of Germany’s most strictly controlled foodstuffs; its superior quality is in fact renowned. Against this background, it makes little sense to purchase bottled water, which is neither sustainable nor a wise business decision. Bottled water also has drawbacks in terms of taste and convenience.

To help anchor this in the consciousness of large sections of the population SodaStream, the world's leading manufacturer of soda water, is launching an information campaign that will be on tour throughout Germany with a mobile information stand. Campaign stops are scheduled to take place at environmental festivals, water sports events and street festivals.

Astonishing taste test results

As part of a "water challenge" participants can test for themselves whether they taste a difference between carbonated tap water and bottled water. Martin Plothe, Marketing Manager of SodaStream Germany/Austria: "Many of our customers tell us that they much prefer tap water to conventional mineral water”. As part of the water challenge, visitors at SodaStream’s information stand can blind test sparkling water, regional mineral water, budget mineral water and a nationally-distributed brand of bottled water.

But it is not only the excellent quality of German tap water that speaks in favor of SodaStream. By switching to tap water, a great many disposable PET bottles – a real environmental scourge – can be dispensed with. In Germany alone, 17 billion disposable bottles are thrown away year for year. What’s more, SodaStream water eliminates the need to haul multi-packs and crates of water from the grocery store.

Mobile promotional stand that can be lowered

PIE five, an event agency specializing in consumer sales promotions, opted for the CUBE.FE by MOST because the trailer is not only spacious inside but can also be lowered completely to the ground. With its all-round base and large openings, it is particularly inviting and thus exquisitely suited as a consulting and sales stand. This also pertains to the lavishly illuminated action area, which features 8 LED high-performance light fields in the double ceiling, as well as a protruding wall to accommodate integrated monitors and cable routing.

Whether for lease or purchase: With its highly professional equipment, the CUBE.FE –  as a mobile promotional and sales stand – stands out clearly from among the many cheap, standard trailers. It offers real and meaningful added value at the point of use.

Additional information is available at:

Sodastream Roadshow
Sodastream Roadshow
Sodastream Roadshow