Pitney Bowes

Experience the Connect+ series live on the road!

During the three-months-long tour across Germany, Pitney Bowes – inventor of the franking machine and global market leader of mail processing – presents the revolutionary Connect+ series with its ‘Infobus‘.

This way, people get the chance to learn about the state of.the art franking machine directly at their business premises.

For the tour, Pitney Bowes chose a FUTURIA Boxx, which was, of course, individualised exactly according to the clients requests.

For the product presentation, the interior of the ‘Infobus‘ has been fitted with custom-made sideboards, fridge and coffee machine for the tasting, as well as an LED TV-screen. A particular success has also been the partial digital print branding that turns the Infobus into a vibrant and colourful eye-catcher on the road.