KACOs new energy Truck

The pioneer for photovoltaic

Generating electricity from sunlight is becoming more and more convincing and important – for experts as well as for non-experts.

From now on, photovoltaic in connection with KACO’s roadshow truck, is within reach. KACO new energy is offering dealers and installers an attractive presentation of advanced inverter technologies in the context of customer events and in-house trade shows.

Besides the latest inverter models, the truck is furnished with modern multimedia equipment and a training area for 16 guests. After all, mediation of know-how is an important goal of KACO’s roadshow: Starting with beginner’ seminars up to expert training on photovoltaic and current topics such as low voltage directive or private use.

KACO is consistently aiming for self-sufficiency from the classical power supply system into the show truck as well! The trailer’s on-board batteries are charged through solar modules, which are installed onto the trailer’s roof as well as through inverters. These provide for the complete lighting, audio and video technology of the 12-tonnes semi-trailer so that training courses can be also held in the countryside.

KACO has consciously chosen the vehicle type FUTURIA. After all, its aerodynamic design reflects innovation, energy production and energy saving in a conspicuous way.

After a construction period of almost five months, KACO’s new energy truck will be on tour from September. For MOST, the concept of the truck’s self-sufficiency was not only a challenge in the production. We are also proud and pleased to have put a project this pioneering into reality in cooperation with KACO.