Deutsche Sporthilfe

Hands-on support for sport: Tour truck for the promotion of high-performance sport

Support for sport reaches people with the “Your name for Germany” Sporthilfe Deutschland-Tour. Wherever many sport enthusiasts come together at large sport events, it promotes the support for sport on-site, offering everybody the opportunity to support emerging talents and top athletes as a "sponsor" by donating three euros a month. 

Until the Summer Olympics in London 2012, the tour truck will travel to 20 to 30 stations throughout Germany every year. Stops at ski and biathlon events, international and national soccer matches, handball games, horse shows and motor sport events are planned as well as visits to company events hosted by national promoters who clearly raised their past commitment in order to make the Sporthilfe Deutschland-Tour possible. 

The four national Deutsche Sporthilfe promoters - Lufthansa, Mercedes-Benz, Deutsche Telekom and Deutsche Bank – are offering top prizes for the best goal wall kickers. For just three euros, visitors can compete under the slogan "three down, three up, three euros for the German emerging and top athletes" and try their luck with six shots at the goal wall. You kick from a distance of seven metres just like you would do with the classic ZDF goal wall, and the "goal opening" (55 cm diameter) also corresponds to the original.