Aktion Mensch

Moving city tour with the participation of Andreas Bourani

As one of Germany’s best known charity organisations, Aktion Mensch supports up to 1000 projects for the handicapped, as well as for child and youth welfare services, on a monthly basis.

Under the motto "Die Aktion Mensch bewegt" (meaning both Aktion Mensch stirs and Aktion Mensch gets things moving), a spacious info truck by MOST that offers barrier-free access will be touring a total of 15 cities. The objective of this city tour is to raise awareness about this organization’s work as well as to sensitize people about the importance of inclusion.  In other words, the promotion of matter-of-fact interaction among people with and without handicaps and without regard to their ethnic and social backgrounds, gender or age. 

A fabulous highlight of this tour will be the participation of German musician Andreas Bourani, who will be supporting the tour with live performances (featuring his new song “Wunder”) in Bonn, Hannover and Erfurt. In all 15 locations, spectators will be encouraged to dance at the events. A music video that will include the best scenes will later be put together.  

We send our best wishes for a successful tour by Aktion Mensch and we hope that this organization can continue to implement many wonderful social welfare projects in the future.