VAROSPACE: Brand Spaces on Wheels
MOST is adding a new brand to its range of models

For more and more companies, roadshows have established themselves as a fixed component of their marketing and communication mix. They are needed, for example, to inform important customers of innovations/new products and for carrying out user training sessions between the major trade fairs. After all, companies generally want to craft their brand experience with a holistic approach. And, above all, they want to be on-site, or as close as possible to their customers.  

MOST offers mobile spaces for these kinds of activities which, up until now, have generally come in the form of mobile showrooms or large promotional trucks bearing the customer’s corporate design.

Synonymous with design and space

And now the roadshow experts of MOST are expanding their range of models. A whole new vehicle class that will go by the brand name “VAROSPACE” will be added. Günter Hofbauer, a member of MOST’s management board who is also responsible for design and product development, explains this new option as follows: “Even though a roadshow implies that a truck will be used for its execution, this doesn’t necessarily mean that the truck must also be visible at the event location. The brand, after all, should take center stage along with the campaign that is being taken on tour.”

The VAROSPACE model range stands for mobile, stand-alone booth constructions in a cubic modern design. The truck itself doesn’t spring into action until it’s time to transfer the brand space from Location A to Location B. Of course, this doesn’t mean that the touring truck shouldn’t sport a distinctive and conspicuous branding wrapping.

Pop-up showrooms for any purpose

VAROSPACES features the following special properties that enable contact with consumers and guests: Access to them is very easy and convenient while also granting passers-by excellent views inside. Beyond this, setup – by just one person – as a climate-controlled pop-up shop, exhibition booth or hospitality for training or presentations only takes 30 to a maximum of 60 minutes, regardless of whether this is done for just one or for several days at a particular location.

Offering brand spaces from 30-square-meters – the smallest unit – the VAROSPACE program also offers compatible space modules that can be linked. Several zones can be created this way. Such tour concepts as “mobile malls” or “mobile trade fairs” become possible. Here several branded SPACES are connected by means of wooden walkways for a unified look that is both unique and classy.

Günter Hofbauer adds: “With VAROSPACE, we offer unique spatial concepts for locations of your choice; indeed, here the term “factory outlet“ takes on a whole new meaning”.