Setting course for expansion

The roadshow specialist MOST is expanding its management team. Stefan Schaefer (49) has been appointed to serve as co- managing director along with Guenter Hofbauer (59). Hannes Maurer (42), who already had overall responsibility for Production and Project Management, also joins the management team.

With 30 years of experience to his name, Guenter Hofbauer is not only an acknowledged expert when it comes to roadshows; he also drives quality and is pioneering in terms of promotion truck and information mobile design. Hofbauer will thus continue to be responsible especially for vehicle development, design and the range of models offered by MOST.

A consummate sales and marketing pro, Stefan Schaefer joins MOST with a broad mix of valuable experience. He held leadership positions with Lufthansa and Microsoft as well as in the area of communications and events and will have an important role to play in support of sustainable growth at MOST. As co-managing director, Stefan Schaefer bears responsibility for the Clients Consulting und Business Development divisions.

MOST GmbH is ideally positioned to forge ahead with its successful corporate development with the concentrated know-how and the personal strengths of its new leadership.

Hofbauer and Schaefer sum up the reorganization of the top management as follows: ʺWe want the overall development of MOST as a successful brand to continue to be guided by sustainable growth. And we’ll do our best to steer this course with excellent service, creativity and professionalism.ʺ

The new leadership team at MOST:
Stefan Schaefer, Guenter Hofbauer, Hannes Maurer (f.l.t.r.)

MOST erweitert Geschäftsführung