Eye-catcher FUTURIA Boxx in great demand
Brand ambassador in a Space Shuttle design

Experiential marketing has always been an important component in the communication mix with customers and potential buyers. Only direct contact, after all, offers the buyers of tomorrow and current customers the opportunity to gain live personal experiences with brands, products and services. To transform brand benefits into an authentic and convincing experience, what‘s decisive is interaction via various sensory channels.

Presenting products, training users and motivating branch employees is becoming more and more easy and convenient. That’s because nowadays this kind of experience communication takes place on-site with the local target group, whether this be at the company premises or at events. Fully-furnished showrooms and pop-up stores-on-wheels, after all, are completely independent of locale and time.

You’re sure to be en vogue if you pull up in a FUTURIA Boxx

The FUTURIA Boxx is increasingly becoming an all-time trendsetter in the class of promotional vehicles with a gross vehicle weight of 3.5 to 4.5 tons. After all, the futuristic looking infomobile has the largest interior in its class along with all-round insulation for all climate zones. With its 3-metres in height, the Boxx is particularly eye-catching and boasts universal appeal. By comparison, a promotional vehicle with a conventional driver's cab looks rather unassuming.

The vehicle design of the FUTURIA Boxx, moreover, offers ideal conditions for extravagant branding. Maximilian Grimm, Chief Creative Director at MOST, describes it this way: "For some time now, a competition has been going on to come up with the most beautiful and distinctive layout for the Boxx. The branding work done by creative agencies – or in-house departments – is very impressive indeed!”

Artwork-on-wheels thanks to mega wrapping

The number of companies that are on the road in futuristic promotional vehicles with full-size wrapping is increasing all the time. From a business point of view, it takes a leasing period of least three months for such elaborate branding to pay off. But, of course, there’s always the option of buying the vehicle.

The kind of treatment that it undergoes will transform the FUTURIA Boxx into a magnificent eye-catcher and brand ambassador that can’t be overlooked on a roadshow campaign. Maximilian Grimm adds: "Such a vehicle is a travelling work of art in terms of its design and the customer takes great pride in it. The best brandings, of course, find their way into our own Hall of Fame."

So we can look definitely look forward to more brilliant design ideas for the FUTURIA Boxx. Indeed, its aspiration to be “avant-garde in motion” can be taken as a promise: The Boxx is for pioneers and the street is its stage!

Click on the link below for more information on the FUTURIA Boxx: https://www.roadshow-experts.de/showtruck-modelle/futuria-boxx.html