Cost security right from the start
We always have the right solution for you

You need a vehicle for a short amount of time? Or an entire vehicle fleet on an all-inclusive basis? Are you planning to purchase a truck that can be deployed all across the continent over many years as your brand ambassador? No problem! MOST can provide you with a perfectly customized solution in terms of leasing, buying or full-service leasing in which case, as implied, you don’t have to worry about a thing.

Rent a truck or infomobile – with comprehensive support

Opt for Europe’s newest – and most attractive – vehicle fleet. Boasting top notch features and equipment, it’s available for hire with comprehensive support. Leasing is an interesting option. Get to know and test the features and usable space of the vehicle of your choice with the option of buying it later.

We take care of vehicle wrapping and the interior based on your ideas. This allows you to keep your focus on your own business. By the way, the vehicle will sport only your advertising. During the entire leasing and tour period the vehicle is all yours!

An own showtruck to advertise your business

Attractive, field-proven vehicle models are the best guarantee for lasting value and deployment reliability. We build and equip your vehicle based on your specifications. Purchasing is the perfect option if you plan you use the vehicle over many years and dispose of an own infrastructure for the vehicle’s servicing and maintenance as well as meet all the other obligations for truck operation.

You also have the option of having your vehicle comprehensively hosted by MOST. Or simply opt for full-service leasing out right. The total cost of ownership (TCO) for an own showtruck should always be considered. Upon request, your vehicle will also be inspected for compliance with accident prevention regulations and, as far as necessary, approved as a flying building construction.

Full-service leasing
Roadshow without high capital lock-up and personnel commitment

We take MOST vehicles back at a guaranteed residual value. During the entire leasing period, we tend to all the servicing and maintenance needs, including operation by an experienced truck manager.

If you need a largely fixed cost-per-piece calculation over several years, but still want to have the option of reacting to changed space requirements or campaign content with another vehicle, then we can also proffer a suitable solution for this scenario.

Used vehicles
Limited budget? No problem.

Purchasing a used show truck or infomobile is by all means a financially-interesting alternative – but it’s also a matter of trust. An apparently great vehicle may, upon a more informed glance, not always live up to the technical expectations. At MOST, you thus find mainly own vehicles that were manufactured close-to production and come with reliable functionality and in top condition.